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Fit & Care

Our jewelry is expertly plated, with a heavier layer than most costume jewelry brands. We use a thick layer of 14k gold (1 micron thick, 2 mircrons for rings) with an extra clear coating for added protection. 

To extend the life of your pieces, keep your jewelry out of soap and water, away from oils, perfumes and other moisture to preserve the plating. Apply any lotions or sanitizers and let absorb/dry before putting rings on your fingers. Remove before showering, swimming, working out, etc. After each wear give your jewelry a quick wipe with a gentle cloth to remove lingering oils, or moisture. Store in an air tight container or ziplock bag if possible.

**Do not apply any kind of sanitizer to your hands while wearing your rings. The alcohol, chemicals and agents used in sanitizers will eat away at the clear coating we use to protect your plated jewelry.  The plating will wear away and metal will turn. 

Due to the unique qualities of our natural stones and precious metals, some variation may occur.


To find your ring size download and print our ring sizer.
Common ring sizes for women are 6 (16.5 mm) and 7 (17.3 mm).

Download Ring Sizer


 Chain Length Fit
12" - 14" Fits just above collar bone
16" - 18" Fits at collar bone
19" Fits in middle of chest
26" Fits at cleavage
34" Fits below cleavage