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A Once Best Seller, Re-imagined

Dive into the infinite beauty of the stars and galaxies with Elizabeth Stone's reimagined Supernova Collection. Once a celestial favorite, this collection returns by popular demand, now expanded and elevated to capture the awe-inspiring allure of the cosmos.

product strip 1a.jpg__PID:3599d571-9230-4bfe-8a44-f7f4d19f3ccb
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From Vintage to Vanguard: The Celestial Rebirth

The Supernova ring, previously a trio, has been refined into a single, stunning piece—streamlining elegance at your fingertips. This assortment is designed to dazzle and inspire.

model img 1.jpg__PID:3dc30500-5e66-4e45-a2c5-656ab953bfdc
product strip 2a.jpg__PID:e94b3599-d571-4230-abfe-8a44f7f4d19f
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A Palette Inspired by the Universe

Introducing an ethereal selection in three shades of genuine Mother of Pearl: the timeless elegance of White, the serene beauty of Green, and the captivating depth of Blue. Perfect for spring, these hues offer a versatile spectrum from classic charm to vibrant pop.

model img 2.jpg__PID:227ebbd5-b7a5-460f-a5ec-d723577b6ba1
product strip 3c.jpg__PID:971679e2-d649-406a-8c28-8c0344e2873f
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product strip 3c.jpg__PID:971679e2-d649-406a-8c28-8c0344e2873f

Designed to Celebrate

Quintessential choices are spread throughout the Supernova collection, with plenty of options (yes, including some things "blue"!) suitable for a wedding ensemble.